Have you recently experienced an injury?

Are you an active person who’s experienced a sports or running injury?

Have you experienced a workplace injury due to poor ergonomics or other issues?

Or did you just hurt yourself in a slip and fall or other random event?

Regardless, here at Capitol Physical Therapy in Washington DC, our experienced physical therapists can help.

Aches and pains can sneak up on the best of us, and when they do, they usually come and go.

But if they don’t, physical therapy can help.

For anyone who’s experiencing pain or movement issues and isn’t sure where to turn, a physical therapy injury consultation may be right for you.

Scheduling a consultation with our therapists is the first step to determining what’s occurring and the right treatment to get you on the road to recovery.

What Is A Physical Therapy Injury Consultation?

When you first see a physical therapist for pain management, they will do a full assessment of your injury history and your mobility.

They’ll identify any posture deficits and observe your movement patterns, as well as test your muscle strength and range of motion in the painful area and the surrounding muscles and joints.

From there, they can create a unique treatment plan that focuses on improving strength and mobility where you need it and reducing any pressure and pain that may occur at certain joints.

You can leave your consultation with a better idea of what you’re facing, and possible steps to resolve the issue.

Benefits Of A Physical Therapy Injury Consultation

Consultations are a great resource because they allow you to seek advice from our movement experts and get a feel for our clinical skill.

If you have recently suffered an injury, of course you can begin physical therapy sessions right away.

But for those who aren’t sure if physical therapy will be right for you, book a consultation with one of our certified professionals today.

How can a simple conversation with a practitioner benefit you?

1. It Can Ease Your Mind

When you’re experiencing pain for the first time, or you’ve suffered a new injury, you may not know much about the road ahead of you.

Connecting with a physical therapist before your first session can help put your mind at ease and gain a sense of understanding and control over your situation.

It may seem worse than it is.

Some clients only need a few sessions to return to full strength and mobility.

For some, seeing a physical therapist a few times a year functions like a quick tune up, just as you would see a dentist for a regular cleaning.

A consultation gives us the opportunity to assess how you’re feeling as well.

If you’re disengaged or have already made up your mind that you’re not going to get better, treatment could be an uphill battle.

In that case, we can help you get access to the resources you need to encourage your healing process.

2. It Empowers You With Knowledge

Patient education can mitigate the fear and anxiety that often comes with an injury.

Your physical therapist will answer your questions to help keep worry at bay, and together you’ll set realistic expectation for your recovery.

When you feel pain where you normally wouldn’t, whether it’s chronic pain, recurring pain, or episodic pain, it can be frightening.

We can put you at ease with realistic expectations for recovery going forward.

You might also be looking to get active again after pregnancy or surgery recovery, and physical therapy consultations can help you understand your options there as well.

Whatever the reason for your visit, a consultation can help determine the correct treatment and knowing what’s ahead can allow you to better plan for prioritizing your recovery.

This educational component, which is so critical to physical therapy, can help promote the best environment in which to heal while teaching you ways to avoid injury and pain in the future.

3. It Helps You Understand What Treatment Is Like

Physical therapists are experts in human movement, with a particular focus on the musculoskeletal system.

Our job is to prevent and treat impairments that affect the body’s ability to move efficiently.

During your consultation, we’ll explain the different exercises, activities, hands on therapies and other tools that will help you get back to living pain free.

We’ll identify any limitations you have that may be contributing to your pain and walk you through your treatment options.

You may even be given some exercises to try at home to give you a taste of what treatment will be like.

Who Should Get A Physical Therapy Injury Consultation?

Even a minor injury can have long term consequences.

If you’ve suffered an injury, it’s essential to have your pain and range of mobility assessed by a professional.

If you’ve recently completed a surgery and have been referred to a physical therapist, it’s important to follow your healthcare provider’s advice.

It’s a known fact that physical therapy as a first line treatment can improve patient outcomes.

If you’re experiencing pain, want to prevent re-injury, or just want to get back to optimal health, a physical therapy consultation could benefit you.

This could end up being the most important appointment you’ll have.

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As you move through your program, we’ll teach you how to be mindful and listen to your body.

What might seem like a hopeless situation can turn around very quickly.

When you empower yourself with knowledge and understand your pain, you are already on the path to healing.

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