Reduce The Risk Of Falls & Learn Fall Recovery In Seniors

Do you find yourself falling more often than you used to? Are you having difficulty maintaining balance? If so, physical therapy treatments in Washington DC can help.

Join us today as Dr. Valerie Rucker, a Washington DC physical therapist, explains how you can reduce your risk of falls.

We’ll take a look at the three different parts of your body that make up your balance – your vestibular, auditory, and somatosensory systems, and how each one affects your posture and balance reflexes.

We’ll also talk about the disorders that can affect each of these systems, and how that can become a burden on your ability to maintain balance.

You’ll get a better idea of some of the other risk factors for falling, including some more obvious things like vision issues and medications, as well as things you might not expect like low vitamin D levels.

If you struggle with your balance, there is hope. Contact Capitol Physical Therapy today to find out more.

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