Post-Partum Physical Therapy Solutions

It’s no secret that giving birth can be hard on your body. But while your baby may have several checkups before their first birthday, when it comes to your health, you’re left in the wilderness.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s hopeless. In fact, physical therapy treatments can go a long way toward restoring your health, limiting or eliminating the post-partum health issues you face.

In particular, you’ll find out about:

  • Why doing kegels or crunches is simply not enough to heal
  • The effects of diastasis recti, and why it’s never too late to treat its effects
  • What you might be doing to make your urinary incontinence worse
  • The source of your pain during post-partum intercourse
  • And much more

To find out more about physical therapy, and how it might be able to help you, contact our physical therapy clinic.

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