"Thoughtful, caring PT from Subha. Beyond treating the issue, she also educates on the root causes and how to avoid injury in the future. Strongly recommended! " - David M. (October 2018)

"Following my second knee surgery related to a torn ACL and meniscus, I began seeing Subha for physical therapy. Over the course of eight weeks, she got me to a recovery stage further and faster than I’d done with my first PT provider who I saw for 6-months. Subha was determined to get me to a point of being fully functional and to be able to walk without a limp. It was a challenge for me, but one that I achieved. She is knowledgeable, has the expertise, and provides your treatment plan in a private/confidential setting. I was extremely pleased with my level of care and treatment, and highly recommend Subha for any physical therapy need." - Tanya J. (October 2018)

"Subha Nagasubramanian is an extraordinary Physical Therapist - Simply put, she's the best at what she does. I had arthritis in my neck and shoulder pain so bad - the pain would wake me from my sleep at nights. After months of physical therapy with Subha, I'm sleeping without pain at nights. Subha has enormous physical strength, which she uses to penetrate the core areas of discomfort. I was a little hesitant about using her at first because she's not closely located to where I live -- despite the extra effort and cost to get to her location, I would do it all over again! She's the owner of the practice, and you can tell she enjoy what she does and takes pride in helping people feel better. If you need a physical therapist, give her a try - you won't regret it!!!!" - Cynthia D. (September 2018)

"Before I began treatment here I didn't believe PT could help me. I've been to other practices that felt like a waste of my time. Subha and Capitol Physical Therapy have, however, helped me recover from a very painful condition I was left in from my last surgery. She is so wise and attentive. She doesn't just stand there and tell me what to do. She actually physically manipulates me. She is very knowledgeable and with her strength she puts her own body into stretching my muscles and loosening my joints and helping me get stronger. I had never heard of needling before she performed it on me and it was a total game changer. Thanks to Subha for helping me get through this difficult time." - Lori F. (September 2018)

"I can't say enough about how great my six weeks of rehabilitation at Capitol Physical Therapy has been with Subha. She worked with my personal trainer to create a personalized plan to get me back to 100%. The entire staff is personable and attentive. I went for a 6 week follow with my Orthopedist only for him to say that I was 6 weeks ahead of where I should be and that I could be discharged. All of this is thanks to Subha. I cannot recommend Capitol Physical Therapy enough." - Chadwick J. (February 2018)

"Subha rocks! I've been to a lot of Physical therapists and Subha is one of the best ones out there! She is like a personal coach AND a personal trainer. I've made so much progress on my neck issues since seeing her. The office is friendly, scheduling is easy and the billing is simple and transparent." - Wendy K. (December 2017)

"Subha has been an amazing help with a long running issue I've been dealing with. She is always accessible (including email), considerate, and attentive to whatever changes i tell her about. Her office is very conveniently located and her enclosed treatment rooms are far better than the big open treatment rooms I've seen elsewhere. I've had a fair few PTs in my time in DC and Subha is by far the best." - Nigel C. (November 2017)

"Subha is an exceptional PT. No review can ever do justice to her level of expertise and professionalism. Having seen at least a dozen therapists in both the DC metro area and abroad for a serious arm injury (broken elbow and forearm), I am certain that no one compares to Subha's ability to connect with a patient - her compassion and commitment to one's recovery. Subha treated me for my injury for over a year. She worked with me tirelessly, one muscle at a time, throughout each session. She also checked up on me in between sessions, and made herself available any time I needed her help or input. I owe my full recovery, against all odds and despite all grim prognosis of the doctors I saw in the process, entirely to Subha's hard work and support. What makes Subha stand out is that she doesn't see your condition as a problem with one or a few possible solutions, but rather as a challenge that can be overcome in many creative new ways. In my case, she listened attentively to all my concerns and complaints about the constraints of my injury, and she meticulously tackled each obstacle at a time. She conducted additional research outside our sessions together, to figure out new ways to help me recover better and faster, and came up with many different alternatives and solutions. I don't know that any of this would have been possible working with someone other than Subha. I have had a long year of painful recovery that has left me with one good thing, the blessing of getting to know Subha and being able to recommend her to anyone who may find themselves in need of a PT who cares, understands, and knows her craft like no other." - Edita B. (September 2017)